In-situ Evaluation of Growth Rate and Yield Components of Several Non-tidal Swamp Rice Accessions in South Sumatera

Entis Sutisna Halimi, Rujito Agus Suwignyo, Mery Hasmeda, I. Rahmawati


Halimi et al. 2012. In-situ Evaluation of Growth Rate and Yield Components of  Several Non-tidal Swamp Rice Accessions in South Sumatera. JLSO 1(2):107-115

Rapid increase of agricultural land conversion has led to the intensified utilization of  non-tidal swamp. The objective of this research was to identify growth rate and yield components of several rice accessions of non-tidal lowland swamp of South Sumatera. This research incorporated the cultivation of nine rice accessions  in  non-tidal swamp area. Research plots were prepared  by local farmers to include  27 plots of 280 cm x 80 cm following the Complete  Randomized Block Design.  Research indicated that rice accessions might be classified into 3 groups of Low Growth Rate (LGRA), Intermediate Growth Rate (IGRA), and High Growth Rate (HGRA) accessions.  Each group has different growth rate according to the field water level during flooding season of < 5 cm, 5 to 6 cm, and >6 cm  per week, respectively. The LGRA group consisted of  Petek (A5) and Senia (A6), the IGRA group consisted of Bone (A1), Pelita Rampak (A2), and Sawo Rimbo (A7) and the HGRA group consisted of Kuning (A3), Siam (A4), Sawah Beling (A8) and Putih Olak (A9). Some yield components tended to decrease as the growth rate increased, and some varied depending on the accessions. For effective and efficient cultivation, farmers should apparently consider growth rate and yield potential to decide which rice accessions to grow.


In-situ, evaluation, rice, non-tidal swamp

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